Keeping An Eye On The North Central Conference

By Dave Schmidt –


May 2, 2013 - Based on information from several highly regarded sources we are currently watching these possible developments.  We expect many of these items to be cleared up before the end of school. There is a possibility that a statement could be released in the next several days of the NCC’s membership plans.


** - New Castle appears to be looking at a move to the Hoosier Heritage Conference – following came from HHC official – We have certainly made it clear to them through various channels that we would welcome an application for membership from them.


The HHC Principals and Ads meet next Tuesday morning.  However, on our agenda it only addresses expansion; there are no school names listed.


** - Huntington North is considering several options within the Ft. Wayne area - could be an established conference or the formation of a new conference.  Homestead and Carroll are both mentioned as possible future conference members for HN.


** - Muncie Southside looks to get an invitation to join the NCC, despite the uncertainty in its future as a school and possible merger with Central. This will also be a key for the HHC who has several members using them to fill football schedules after getting down to seven members.


** - Richmond is also looking at several options, one includes a possible Ohio connection. UPDATED (5-3-13) – email reply from Chad Bosler, Athletic Director at RichmondRichmond has no plans to leave the North Central Conference.  We are not in talks with any conference in Indiana or Ohio.  Within the past two years we have been contacted by one Indiana conference in which we thanked them for the invite but reaffirmed our commitment to the North Central Conference.


** - the goal continues to have 12 members and two divisions, this might all depend on how many schools leave.


It will be interesting to see how these changes might “domino” into other conferences.


We will update this page as events take place.